Megasphere celebrates the 20th anniversary of DOOM !

As I posted on the newdoom forums:

Yaaaaaahhh! DooM Rocks!!!
Id software made a “real shooter”, and a real online game!
DooM started a new gender, a gaming gender of its own. Once the word was out that Doom had the ability to play online and one could make levels for it, it grew like hell fire..
LAN parties and user created maps started to spawn on several BBS’s back then. This then created a new community.
And it’s my belief that it was the real creation of the internet, besides being a game, a tool of creation, and a relic. Heck, there wasn’t much of an internet until DooM was born anyway.. it gave those old sites reason to host files to begin with! From that point the new wheel was turning..

Nothing could beat DooM, it created a new community of interest of both developers and gamers alike! If it wasn’t for DooM, most 3d games wouldn’t even exisit..

‚Äď In other news.. ūüėÄ explains how DooM hasn’t only been a part of our life but also helped create a human connection beginning with its first LAN party.

Happy Birthday DooM! You are the game of choice!

DooM will be part of my life as it has been for many years, and many years to come!

More to come!


It has been a long while since I’v made a post here on The Megasphere! But not to worry, I’m still around and geared up as always! ~ Just been busy with r/l and various other things for awhile.

Stay tuned as my next update will actually be something worth while. ~ mostly having to do with Doom source engines and,¬† Arx End of Sun. ~ the project which I’m currently on. ~ More on Arx EoS can be found here:¬†¬† ~ you can also see our most recent updates to the build on the right of the page when you get there.

More to come.. And until then, I suppose.. watch something on the History channel… ūüėõ

Korax on Doom3 widescreen

While some mods actually have wide screen support, Korax at has done it again!

¬†He’s fixed it up so the Doom3/tech4 engine¬†supports a new widescreen aspect ratio,¬†and sports a much¬†smoother vsync!¬†¬†~ which to me is a tech4 engine overhall in its self,¬†as well as adding¬†a more vibrant/in your face view of the game.¬†Especially when the game engine its self now has the feature without needing¬† to have a mod with its own config. We can now enjoy Doom3 at a higher res aspect ratio with Korax’s Doom3 widescreen support!

Korax’s Doom3 wide screen engine requires that your doom3/base directory resources to be intacked. ~ Basically have doom3 installed and patched, and you’re ready to¬†extract the new executable etc, into your doom3 game folder location. And then you’re ready to enjoy the way D3 was really meant to be played, on widescreen.

More here:

New Quake Engine released!

Korax from has released a new Quake engine!

 Rather an Ultimate Quake Engine ~ UQE, based on id softwares Quake source code.

The new engine only requires that end-user owns the pak files from the original game, located in your quake/id1 directory.

The new UQE¬†is a small download and installation¬†is pretty straight forward. So if you own Quake but want to now play it under todays hardware standards, give UQE a¬†try, it’s pretty nice! Also make sure to check his site regularly for future updates!

Thanks Korax! ~ We love the work you’ve been doing!

Doom Connecter

I thought I’d post up that I recently updated the Doom Connector web site.

If you’re new to the Doom Connector aka DC, then here’s the story. Doom Connector is a free chat program in which you can launch the classic 3d shooter Doom, and other classic shooters as well into a multiplayer environment.

If¬†you’re into¬†games like Doom, Doom2, Quake, Quake2, ¬†Duke Nukem, and even rom based Znes console games, Doom Connector allows you the freedom of playing these games online with friends without much hassle. Of course you will need to own¬†at least one of the games to play online¬†within Doom Connector.¬†But even if you don’t, it can be used¬†for a quick chat program similar to IRC.

Long time no post.


¬†It’s been awhile since the last time I made a post here, and progress continues on Hexen – Edge of Chaos

As well as working on my map, h3m2 ~ The Forge.¬† While I’m also still of course making textures and other random things for the mod.

Progress continues, yes we are working on it. ūüėČ

I should also mention I’v recently joined another tech4 mod team called Arx – End of Sun. Basically doing the same thing as I do on the Hexen EoC mod. ~ random textures and graphic materials, as well as some maping contents. Arx ~ EoS is also a mid-evil, swords and sorcery style game as Hexen is, however the End of Sun mod focuses more on the side of inventory role playing with graphic overlays similar to Diablo. More on Arx EoS here: I should add that while things seem kind of quiet over there, I predict there being some new random content in the near future. ūüėČ

Both mods, EoC and EoS use the Doom3/idtech4 engine, however with all media/graphic/sound/code/game content resources created completely from scratch. For the record, I’m equally dedicated to both mods. ūüėČ

In case you’re wondering, the id tech4 engine introduced a revolution in graphic lighting and shadowing which in turn basically gave art developers the advantage of placing anything in the map world to naturally and easily look scary, at a good frame rate. Which is exactly what id software was looking for when they created Doom3. idTech4 is a seriously powerful game engine and perfect for mod communities alike if you want things to look beautifully scary and run great! There aren’t too many game engines that offer this and then allow you the tools to create your own vision with it.

 Now the idtech4 source engine is soon to be released, and should drive mod makers absolutely bonkers when it comes out. All hail id software! Tune into or to hear more on that.;)

Textures, textures and.. textures

Hey, I’v been working away on textures and some other graphic effects for the Hexen Edge of Chaos mod.

Be it wall, floor, ground, ceiling, skybox, models, you name it I’v been making textures for it.


Oh did I mention I’v been making textures? ūüėÄ

I’ll have to fix up a portfolio sometime after release, but for now everything is behind the curtains.

Mr.Rocket the Barbarian

Ever since I heard about a Hexen¬†mod for Doom3¬†I¬†couldn’t wait¬†to play it. That mod is Hexen EoC.

A few years past and¬†the team that created it finally released a 3 level demo version¬†which turned out really nice! ¬†After playing through it all, I decided to take a stab¬†at making a map for the game.¬†¬†While letting deadite (Eoc team coordinator) know I’v been making graphics and¬†textures and things like that for quite some time now, and the team looking for more members,¬†they gave me a choice between¬†map or texture creation.¬†I picked¬†texture creation¬†and they hired me on as one of¬†their¬†main texture artists.¬†While the map I started on is still stashed away in a safe place for possible later use,¬†I was more interested in making textures for the game, and I’ll have¬†to admit, I’v been¬†hooked¬†ever since.¬†¬†Although you will only be able to see the stuff I’v¬†made so far in the full game mod version yet to be released,¬†you can¬†grab the latest Eoc demo here until then:¬†¬†¬†trust me, it’s good!

EoC will be a new and free game, based on the original Hexen game that was developed by id Software and Raven Software. In order to play EoC you will have to own Doom3, have it installed, patched to the latest point release, and ready to go.

More info about Hexen Eoc can be found here:

Here’s also an optional¬†HD video trailer of the official game demo:

¬†See you on the Edge, mortal… ūüėČ