6 comments on “More to come!

  1. So, uh, holy crap, I did not expect to find anything Megasphere-related still going.

    Important question! You have a bunch of the old megawads on the downloads page – do you have the *original* mega.wad, the one that started off with ss-map01, had a few of the danzig maps, and so on? I have no idea if my copy has survived years and several moves or where it would be if it had.

    Also megatag.wad – a mild modification of the original deathtag – would be fantastic to find a copy of.

    • Hi!

      Yes I do actually, from the same Doom2 directory I used back then heh.
      I ended up compressing a bunch of old wads in to a single zip download and added it to the bottom of the page under archives.
      There should be some golden oldies in there in which you remember. I didn’t include wads like Dweller or Dwango in the zip mainly because some of the wads already contain levels from them, that and those megas can be found on the net everywhere anyway.
      Good to hear from ya man!

      • Yeah, I just now found it before coming back to ninja-edit my post and.. nope, too late, you’d seen it and replied 😛
        I discovered a floppy disk that had mega1 on it, but bad crc. However I DID rescue an old demo of me playing in the first Megasphere tournament. And mega2 had two levels in it I’d completely forgotten I ever made. This DOOM anniversary has been a total archaeological dig for me. Thanks!

  2. Hey, no problem man!
    Speaking of which, I was just about to make a post about 20 years of Doom. 🙂
    Also I have a bunch of old demo recordings, mostly of my brother and Charlie/Mage, there’s a couple of me and Steve/Viper also though.
    Man that was a long time ago now heh, but never forgotten!

    • Man, I remember Charlie, he was a good guy. Best damn keyboarder I ever saw – it took me a few months of training with mouse to finally beat him regularly.

      Were you Mr Rocket on Megasphere, or did you have a different handle back then?

  3. Hey,

    Yeah he was one of the best players and a pretty damn good Doom2 mapper as well!
    Him and my brother Andy/Greanslightening, actually started a mouse project at one point. ~ not really sure what happend with that heh, I think it was to be the first 5 botton mouse or something.
    I haven’t seen Charlie in a long time, at least 15 years..And yeah he was (and still is afaik) an all around good guy.

    I went by Wireman on the BBS back then. Later after the Megasphere shut down and still playing Doom2 DM via modem, some friends started calling me “Rocketman” and “Mr.Rocket” from dodging rockets so much and not getting killed heh. “what I didn’t kill you?!?.. yeah whateverr Mr.Rocket!”
    The nickname stuck..so here I am..
    I got pretty good at Doom2 DM back then as well. 🙂

    Btw, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with today’s Doom/Doom2 source engines and whether you’d be into playing some DM at some point? I can give you all the information you need from the latest for today’s hardware to the most nostalgic, depending on the type of source engine you’d prefer, there’s many..
    Let me know. 🙂

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