The Megasphere got it’s start as a local BBS back in 1997. Hosting online games such as Doom2, Duke3D, and Quake. Similar to the Dwango BBS, the Megasphere hosted up a lot of Doom2 deathmatch, which is basically where it left it’s mark. Needless to say we played a lot of DM on there. With ladder system, chat and downloads, it was the only place to be. In other words, Nintendo couldn’t do this. The Megasphere was more like going to the movies on free arcade night.

The Megasphere was a tel-net server with public Bill Board System software running 8 nodes. The client would connect with DOS based tel-net software such as Comet.exe via telephone modem and the SysOp would queue the start button to launch games. After some years of mind blowing deathmatch, the Megasphere was unplugged not long before the Internet started to see the light of millions. But the name lives on, The Megasphere is not only in memory of the BBS days, it is also now a fan based resource site for Doom2 Deathmatch. As well as a place for Mr.Rocket to upload the wads he makes.