Doom2 Maps

  • Doom2 and Limit removing wads

Mega5 22 level Deathmatch mega wadMega5

Mega4 28 level Deathmatch mega wadMega4

O’skual single Deathmatch levelO' Skual

Megadeth single Deathmatch levelMegadeth

Crypt of Madness single Deathmatch levelCrypts of Madness

  • Doom Legacy wads

Plexydome single Deathmatch levelPlexydome

Q3dm17 Legacy version. single Deathmatch levelQ3dm17 remake for Doom

  • Gzdoom wads

Q3dm17 Gzdoom version single Deathmatch levelQ3DM17 remake for Doom

OpenGL only

  • Skulltag wads

MrEgyptdm single Deathmatch levelEgypt DM


  • Achives

These are seriously old DM megawads including Mega1, 2, and 3.

EDIT! – My ISP “Comcast” abruptly shut down all FTP access to all their customers recently without warning… So this link is currently lost until I dig the files up again and upload them to my current alternative, “Box” file hosting service..  Stay tuned, and until then feel free to browse the files I have hosted there.. Thanks.

There are several other old pwads in this download. Some are single DM levels, some are Deathtag levels, when capture the flag was just being thought of. Mega2 levels 26 and 27 are Mountain King levels which were also some of the first team based levels in Doom2 deathmatch.