12 comments on “Doom art is not Fiction

  1. Hey, what have you been up to man.
    Yeah I still have a few Doom projects in the works. I’v recently joined Hexen Eoc as a texture guy. I really enjoy it and will most likely be with the team for a long time.
    But this doesn’t mean I won’t be making Doom2 maps now and then. 😉
    Did you ever get around to playing Mega5? It’s been labeled as one of the best DM wads in the past few years.
    I’d hit you up on msn messager, but I hardly ever use it.


    • Lately I hadn’t been up to much, but lots o quake live.

      I did see some comments for mega 5, especially on marble madness 😀 but sadly I hadn’t seen it played on any dedicated server or anything.

      Liking the stuff your creating in those shots, got any recommendation for someone to get started learning to create new items and texture like that? Lately i’ve been trying to pick up more of the artistic side of things, but not really sure where to start.

      Also I see your still promoting doom connector(which i haven’t seen in forever) do you hang on out there?

      • Well when Mega5 was first released there was about 4 or 5 dedicated servers running on skulltag. But it seems that a lot of the Doom players now days on skulltag anyway want to play co-op type mods and such. so eventually Mega5 got replaced with something else on said servers heh. It’s still a good dm mega though and still ready to be played out afaic.

        On the side of art, it’s really something that has to be part of you, sort of like playing an instrument and music being a type of art as well. It’s usually something you pick up at a young age.
        If you can imagine something, and then draw it just as you imagined it. Then you’v got what it takes.
        I’m not sure your style of drawing, but if you’re new to it I suggest looking at something and drawing it. Start with something like comic book characters and later move to something a little more life like to improve shading aspect etc. Later start from scratch and draw what you imagine. Like a lot of things, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

        Doom connector is till kick’n yeah, I jump on there about once or twice a week if I remember and play some DM with r and cro and sometimes milton.

      • Hi, actually I never got around to finishing Old Town.. :\

        I need to though and your message may have just inspired me enough to do so!


    • Could not reply to you in below. Replying here.

      Can I download unfinished Old Town wad? really want to try that wad, maybe give you feedback. God knows when you finish it or if you finish it 🙂

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